One landscaping feature which is often overlooked by DIYers is outdoor LED lighting.

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What is outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a perfect way to beautify the exterior of your home. Adding lights outside the home also improves the safety and security of yourself, your family, and visitors. There are many different decisions involved in an outdoor lighting project such as materials, style, design, type, location, and more, decisions best left to confident professionals.

LED lighting is fast becoming the absolute best option for a wide variety of outdoor lighting-applications.  LED lights are small, steady-state lights; this means they don’t present the breaking or recycling issues common with normal lighting technology.

Why you might need LED lighting

The reasons why you might use LED lighting are many, including:

  • Down lighting provides subtle light without taking away from outdoor features. It helps provide gentle light so people can see where they are walking without blinding them. They are perfect for pathways leading from a pergola to other parts of yard.
  • Gardens and flowerbeds
  • Water-feature lighting
  • Deck and poolside lighting
  • Outdoor lighting is a perfect way to add beautiful style to the exterior of your home. Adding lights outside the home also helps to improve the safety and security of yourself, your family, and visitors. It also increases the curb appeal of your home, and by extension the appeal of your neighborhood.


Types of LED lighting options

Outdoor LED lighting can be used for a number of applications and reasons, including:

  • Path lights: these lights are used to illuminate pathways and walkways
  • Deck lights: these lights are typically spot lights that are used to illuminate a deck
  • Wall lanterns: these typically attach to an outside wall and shine light on the landscaping or garden.
  • Floodlights: these are typically attached to a wall and are used to shine light on a large space for security purposes.
  • accent bullet-Installed to highlight spaces within the outdoor yard.
  • Flush mount-Installed under the eaves to brighten the exterior of the house.
  • Post lights-Installed on posts in the backyard where extra illumination is needed.
  • In ground/well light-Designed to provide attractive pathway, landscape, and garden lighting. Fixtures are almost completely buried but the light itself remains above ground.
  • Pier lights-Can be hung from light posts, set on a wall, or used at an entrance way. Great for lighting areas and welcoming guests to a home.


Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of landscape and hardscape design, yet it is often overlooked or underdone. Proper outdoor lighting design allows one to highlight focal points and diminish the effect of eyesores. It can also be used to enhance safety and security, to accent special trees or plantings, and to create a festive atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.  It can dazzle where you want to dazzle, and conceal what you want concealed.

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