What Is Sod Installation

You have two choices once you have decided to install a lawn on your property: grow it from seed, or have sod installation.

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Sod is simply grass and a small part of the soil beneath it held together by the root system or in some cases by a thin layer of biodegradable material.  Like any other crop for sale, sod must be first grown and then harvested, transported to the consumer and then installed. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that there are nearly 1,500 specialized, sod growing farms in the US, growing many varieties of sod on almost 370,000 acres of land. Because there are some restrictions to travel including expenses, most sod is grown and sold locally, but new strains and methods are being developed all of the time.

Benefits of sod installation

Many homeowners are turning to sod installation in their landscape design, and the following reasons will help to explain why people are moving away from traditional lawn-seeding:

  • Laying Sod is used to establish a lawn quickly especially in areas where seed would be too expensive to use or would simply blow away.
  • On hillsides and new construction sites, sod can help prevent erosion.
  • Sod can improve cooling.
  • Sod can also improve air and water quality in the immediate area.
  • It can help with the prevention of flooding in the area. Sod helps to drain the water and to divert it to the ground where it becomes part of the ground water supply instead of overflowing overtaxed drain systems or already swollen local water supplies.

The ease of sod installation

Any of you who have ever planted a lawn by seed know the risks involved.  The property must be leveled. The soil must be prepared. The grass seed is spread, then covered, and then watered meticulously, all the while hoping that the weather gods smile upon you and do not send a downpour, or hail, or strong winds, washing or blowing it all away.

If all goes well, the seed will grow into a lawn, and be an established lawn, within a month of seeding.

With sod installation, the soil preparation, leveling, and sod installation all happen in the same day. The weather is not a factor. The sod can be walked on within 24-hours of installation.  Your new lawn is ready to go almost immediately, and it is in no danger from the elements. Quite frankly, within twenty-four hours, sod is much more stable than any seed lawn anywhere in the world.

About All Seasons Outdoor Solutions

Here’s what we will do for you at All Seasons Outdoor Solutions. We will sit down with you and fully explain the benefits of sod installation. We will give you a detailed accounting of the costs. We will explain the entire process, how it is done, how quickly it is done, and the care you must give it after installation.

We will then install the sod, and we will then stay in contact with you to make sure all is well, and to answer any questions/concerns you might have down the road of life.

Our job at All Seasons Outdoor Solutions is not only to beautify your yard but also to give you peace of mind with our landscaping services. 

When you hire All Seasons Outdoor Solutions, the actual job done is just part of an ongoing process we undertake to make sure you are always satisfied. Consider it a lifetime guarantee that we will always be there for you. Contact us today.

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