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Fort Worth Texas homeowners need professional tree service to care for their trees. Our area has winter seasons that go from below freezing to summer temperatures within hours. Our record breaking rain seasons, such as  2018-19, the occasional drought and extreme summer heat can stress plants and trees. Fort Worth residents face many factors and events that can harm the trees. The most common insect and disease issues in North Texas have multiple treatment options that are effective and affordable. An added bonus is they have ZERO impact on the environment compared to other treatments using harsh chemicals.

Trees in Texas can be faced with insect and disease problems. Most insect problems stem from an unhealthy tree already in poor health. This can be caused from a variety of issues such as extreme drought to heavy rainy seasons. Fungus in the root system can grow in overly saturated soils near the tree. Some areas have clay soils with high pH levels. All of these issues can cause serious issues to your trees.

Unhealthy trees have a lack of iron and beneficial nutrients. Add extreme weather patterns, and they are susceptible to insect attacks. You can see how one problem leads to another in most cases. Trees will always give clues when something is not right. This can be a thinning canopy, leaves dropping, and the most common  is the yellowing of leaves.

Scale Damage

A young Ash Tree came under attack from a  rare form of scale disease. This stemmed from a leaf spot that decayed, and attracted scale insects. Scale disease is most common in Crepe Myrtles. They are white in color, although some scales are brown. Scales multiply quickly. They look like a bump on the branches.

The sudden thinning of the leaves was a clue to an unhealthy tree. Luckily there was a simple treatment. We used a very strong systemic insect treatment, waited 2 weeks, and then fertilized. We also added worm cast soil. After time, the worms will work their magic in moving in the soil and providing a natural aeration. This prevents heavy soil compaction as well, as the tree’s roots need oxygen. All our treatments are customized for your trees.

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